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PI-4 Ultrasonic Testing

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ISBN: 1886630-046
ISBN: 1886630-054
ISBN: 1886630-062

Programmed Instruction Handbook, Ultrasonic Testing PI-4, (3 volume set) is one of a series of training handbooks designed for self-study applications. The programmed instruction format allows the student to learn the material when a formal classroom setting is not available.

This Programmed Instruction Handbook is also very helpful when used prior to, or in conjunction with, the Classroom Training Handbook CT-4, Ultrasonic Testing.

This Programmed Instruction Handbook presents essentially the same entry-level material as in the Classroom Training Handbook. However, this self-study format provides self-evaluation quiz questions at the end of each chapter and at the end of each book. A score of 80% or better on the Self-Test will indicate the student's understanding of the basic Level I concepts on this subject.

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