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ISBN: 1886630-003

Programmed Instruction Handbook, Introduction PI-1, is one of a series of training handbooks designed for self-study applications. The programmed instruction format allows the student to learn the material when a formal classroom setting is not available.

This Programmed Instruction Handbook is also very helpful when used prior to, or in conjunction with any of the Classroom Training Handbooks.

This Programmed Instruction Handbook PI-1 Introduction to Nondestructive Testing, be completed before starting other books in this series. The basic information about metallurgy and discontinuity types contained in this book will make other books in the series more understandable and easier to master.

This self-study format provides self-evaluation quiz questions at the end of each chapter and at the end of each book. A score of 80% or better on the Self-Test will indicate the student's understanding of the basic Level I concepts on this subject.

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